Water Research Coordination Workgroup

The Long-Term Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas and the regional advisory committee action plan identify several research areas necessary to implement Vision action items.

In an effort to promote state-wide collaboration and support of the research needs identified, a workgroup comprised of members throughout the state involved with ongoing research activities tied to water supply and water quality issues in Kansas was convened.

The purpose of the workgroup is to promote communication; support university research studies that, when possible, also benefit Kansas water issue knowledge; and provide opportunities for university researchers and participating agencies to collaborate in research efforts.


The Kansas Water Research Coordination Workgroup met several times in 2017 to identify research areas on which to focus efforts. Three broad research categories were defined and the top three areas of focus were selected for prioritization.

  • Ogallala-High Plains/Groundwater Depletion
  • Reservoir Sedimentation/Loss of Storage
  • Water Quality

The areas that have been addressed first include streambank stabilization effectiveness, irrigation and crop genetics research and harmful algal blooms (HABs). Small research coordination teams focusing on each of these areas have been convened to meet and discuss the needs for future research.

Ultimately, the objective of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for subject matter experts to work together to identify gaps in the research and existing data, determine what is needed to fill those gaps, foster better collaboration among the state’s institutions, and maximize funding opportunities.

Current Updates

Areas included in the Kansas Water Office Vision Implementation Research are listed below. Each area includes the most recent fiscal year project update.

Reservoir Surveys & Water Quality Research
Crop & Livestock Research

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