Tuttle Creek Sediment Study

Tuttle Creek Storage Loss


Technical and economic analysis and modeling of reservoir sediment management opportunities for Tuttle Creek Lake continues in support of the state of Kansas Reservoir Sustainability Initiative.


The Kansas Water Office has continued its partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to study sediment accumulation and potential management methods.  The USACE, in partnership with USGS, the Kansas Water Office and others, is continuing this work as part of the USACE Regional Sediment Management (RSM) Program.  Work includes the development of calibrated sediment models to help support the development of sediment-management strategies to prolong the life of Tuttle Creek Lake.


In 2017, the Kansas Water Office worked with the USACE to develop a scope of work for a PAS study to include work to further the ongoing sediment studies at Tuttle Creek Lake.  The USACE is also continuing associated work under the RSM program.

Current Updates

The Kansas Water Office and the Corps of Engineers have discussed the opportunity to seek-out and apply for additional funding related to this project.  More specifically, the long-term analysis and exploration of the concept of hydrosuction at Tuttle Creek Lake, among other innovative sediment management solutions, has been discussed.  Sediment models currently being developed by the Corps as part of the RSM program are planned to be utilized to support additional analysis toward a potential future project.


The Kansas Water Office and the USACE continue to discuss additional funding opportunities associated with this project.

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