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The Kansas Water Office (KWO), as the primary water planning agency, provides support to the Governor and Legislature on water resource issues.
Among its other duties, the Kansas Water Authority (KWA) advises the Governor and Legislature on water policy issues and priorities for funding the State Water Plan.
Both KWO and KWA provide legislative testimony throughout the session on relevant bills before the Kansas House and Senate Committees.

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KS State Capitol

2024 Legislative Session

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The House Committee on Water meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m.

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Upcoming Legislative Committee Meetings Concerning Water:

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Tracking Legislative Bills Concerning Water:

Find a list of water-related bills and their statuses below.

Bill NumberSubjectFirst Chamber ActionSecond Chamber ActionMost Recent Action
HB 2633Providing for Additional Sources of Revenue for the Water Program Management Fund; Examination Fees Water Supply System and Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator.Passed as Introduced by Chamber  
HB 2526Authorizing the Chief Engineer to Adopt Rules and Regulations under the Watershed District ActReferred to House Appropriations Committee  
HB 2525Water Program Management FundPassed as Amended by ChamberReferred to Senate Agriculture Committee 
HB 2634Providing an Additional Corrective Control Provision for the Chief Engineer to Consider when Issuing Orders of Designations for LEMAs and IGUCAsPassed as Amended by Chamber  
HB 2459Prohibiting Change of the Point of Diversion of a Water Right if such Change Causes the Safe Yield of the Source of Water Supply to be ExceededHearing in House Water; Feb 1; 9:00am  
SB 331Removing the definition of lead-free and an exception for leaded joints in public water supply systems lawsPassed by SenateReferred to House Agriculture Committee 
HB 2486Removing the Definition of Lead-Free and an Exception for Leaded Joints in the Public Water Supply SystemReferred to House Water  
HB 2696Allowing a groundwater management district the opportunity to provide written comment rather than recommendation to the chief engineer for a proposed water conservation area and management planHearing in House Water, Feb 13  
HB 2697Allowing groundwater management district boards to provide relevant information rather than advice and assistance regarding groundwater management and other appropriate mattersHearing in House Water, Feb 13  
HB 2695Allowing a majority of eligible voters in a groundwater management district or an area for a proposed extension or reduction of a district to petitionHearing in House Water, Feb 20  

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2023 Legislative Session

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