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The Kansas Water Office, as the primary water planning agency, provides support to the Governor and Legislature on water resource issues. The Kansas Water Authority advises the Governor and Legislature on water policy issues. Both KWO and KWA provide legislative testimony throughout the session on relevant bills before the Kansas House and Senate Committees.




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Authorizing the secretary of health and environment to collect underground injection control program fees and redirecting water well license program fees

Providing for department of health and environment response operations for water and soil pollutant release, discharge or escape.

Administrative rules and regulations shall sunset five years after adoption unless extension is approved by the legislature

Allowing water rights that were certified after 2009 to be placed in multi-year flex accounts

Establishing that the chief engineer of the division of water resources is not required to be an engineer

Creating the Kansas pesticide waste disposal program and allowing up to $50,000 to be transferred annually from the Kansas agricultural remediation fund to a new Kansas pesticide waste disposal fund

Updating provisions related to the Kansas department of agriculture division of conservation

Amending the Kansas pesticide law's licensure requirements and the Kansas chemigation safety law's permittee requirements

Abolishing the well plugging assurance fund and transferring all assets and liabilities to the abandoned oil and gas well fund

Repealing obsolete provision requiring the state corporation commission and the department of health and environment enter into an interagency agreement for integration of certain oil and gas regulatory operations on or before November 1, 1982

Updating the state corporation commission's authority to regulate abandoned oil and gas wells, providing methods for the commission to plug such wells and authorizing payments from the abandoned oil and gas well fund for certain plugging operations.

Amending the Kansas drycleaner environmental response act to change the required deductible rate and penalty fine amount

Requiring the secretary of wildlife, parks and tourism to establish state threatened and endangered species lists that are based on the federal threatened and endangered species lists

Supporting Kansas farmers in the Rattlesnake Creek subbasin in their ongoing effort to protect their water rights and livelihood through a collaborative solution to the region's water impairment issue.

Current Bill Status

Current Bill Status

KWO Committee Testimony

2020 Legislative Session Information

The Kansas Water Authority and Regional Advisory Committee members met with members of the Kansas Legislature on Wednesday, January 28, 2020 to discuss KWA priorities.  KWA Chair Connie Owen presented information included within the 2020 KWA Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature with Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources, Senate Ways and Means, and House Agriculture Committees. 

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