Produced Water Evaluation

Map of Produced Water Test LocationPurpose

Evaluate the reuse of produced oil field water for irrigation, stockwater, or other potential uses such as industrial or municipal.


Treating produced oil field water is not a new concept.  Several other states have been using treated produced water to alleviate the need for disposal of this waste product.  Currently Kansas is injecting the excess produced water into the Arbuckle formation potentially causing future problems.

Current Updates

The Kansas Water Office (KWO) has submitted a WaterSMART grant proposal to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) for funding. The project would be located near Hardtner, KS where a collection tank for an injection well is located.  The project will treat produced water for 60 days using Electrocoagulation, Reverse Osmosis and Desalination to bring this water down to acceptable levels for irrigation or stockwater.  A sample collected in August of 2016 had chlorides at 120,000 ppm and boron at 17 ppm, these need to be reduced to 250 ppm and 4 ppm respectively.


The grant was approved by the BOR in August and the final award was signed on September 27th.  Due to the late award this project has been pushed to the spring of 2018 with completion of the final report by the fall of 2018. The pilot project will operate for 60 consecutive days.


The total project submitted to the BOR is for $1,299,175. Of this amount $1.1 million is in-kind in the form of equipment, owned by H20 Tech, needed to treat the produced water. Grant money requested from the BOR totals $199,175.

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