Equus Beds Chloride Plume Project

Program Objective

Chloride contamination within the Equus Beds AquiferAnnotation 2020-01-24 092346 (002) resulting from previous oil field production has resulted in areas of groundwater which is unsuitable for most uses.  Remediation of areas of high chloride concentrations within the Equus Beds would help generate an additional water supply source as well as help protect and prolong the useable lifespan of groundwater wells around areas of chloride contamination. 


KWO Program Activities

  • Collaborate with KDHE on framework development for a pilot treatment project within the Equus Beds Aquifer to remediate the Burrton chloride plume impacting groundwater within the regions as well as the City of Wichita's groundwater well field.
  • Assist in securing additional funding for pilot project through the WaterSMART program, local water users, or other sources of funding as they become known. 
  • Key Dates and Deliverables



Vision Implementation Total Needs

Successful implementation of this project will provide a better understanding of what type of treatment technology is necessary for a full-scale remediation project.  Total project costs for a full-scale remediation project could exceed $50,000,000


Program Budget

  • $50,000 in FY2019
  • $50,000 in FY2020
  • $100,000 requested in FY2021

Potential Additional Funding Resources

  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation WaterSMART Program
  • City of Wichita
  • Groundwater Management District #2

Consequences of not Funding

Continued movement of the Burrton chloride plume within the Equus Beds Aquifer towards the east-southeast, leading to impacts with the City of Wichita's groundwater well field as well as other regional groundwater users. 

Project Manager

Gary Koons


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