John Redmond Dredging

Photo of Dredge LP at ReservoirPurpose

Removal and disposal of 3,000,000 cu/yd of sediment from John Redmond Reservoir and streambank stabilization projects above Redmond to reduce incoming sediment loads.


During the 2014 legislative session, the Governor endorsed a plan to issue $25 million in bonds for the dredging of 3.0 million cubic yards of sediment from this reservoir to restore water supply lost to sedimentation. During legislative deliberations, portions of the project were reduced lowering the need for bond issuance to $20 million. The project restored water supply storage in John Redmond Reservoir near Burlington in Coffey County. Streambank stabilization projects will also take place above the reservoir.


  • 2012 - The plan to conduct large-scale dredging started due to the Neosho not meeting demands downstream
  • 2013 - Great Lakes Dredging and Dock, LLC (GLDD) wins the project bid
  • 2014 - KWO worked on a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) and Section 408 Request for the removal and disposal of sediment at John Redmond and received approval from the State Finance Council for a bond
  • March 2015 - A $20 million bond was issued
  • May 2015 - USACE issued a Section 408 Request Final Record of Decision and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) on the PEIS, giving authorization from the federal government for Kansas to dredge a federally-owned reservoir
  • November 2015 - Confined Disposal Facility permits were completed and construction began
  • May 2016 - Great Lakes Dredging and Dock, LLC began the dredging process
  • October 2016 - Phase I completed with the removal of 3 million cubic yards of sediment removed
  • October 2016 - Current - Confined Disposal Facility dewatering and reclamation activities ongoing

Photo of dredge material disposalCurrent Updates

Reclamation activities continue to take place for all five locations used for sediment disposal during dredging operations. KWO continues to coordinate with private landowners, Corps of Engineers and GLDD to return properties to desired end use of landowners.


2014 Characterization and Mapping of Sediment Thickness and Pattern in John Redmond Reservoir

2013 Final Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Statement


$20,000,000 bond and Kansas Water Marketing Fund (planning phase)

Project Manager

Matt Unruh

Dredging Project Highlight Video


The video to the left gives an overview of the John Redmond Reservoir Dredging Project.


A sediment survey completed in 2014 revealed that John Redmond Reservoir had lost approximately 40% of its capacity due to sediment build up. 


Completed in October 2016, the dredging project removed an average of 19,108 cubic yards of material per day of operation. 


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