State of the Resource & Regional Goal Action Plan Implementation

While the 50-year Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas provides a framework for the management of the State’s water supply overall, Regional Goals identify and address issues at the local level. In 2015, Regional Goal Leadership Teams were developed for each of the 14 regional planning areas which were comprised of local water users along with input from area stakeholders to help develop regional water supply goals. These goals were adopted by the Kansas Water Authority in August of 2015 and at that same time members for the 14 Regional Advisory Committees (RAC) were appointed. The first task for the newly formed RACs was to develop action plans to correspond with the goals.

Executive Summary

The State of the Resource & Regional Goal Action Plan Implementation Report is intended to provide a background of the regional issues and record activities and progress toward regional goals and the Long Term Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas objectives utilizing the most up to date data available at the time of report development.

State of the Resource

Cimarron Regional Planning Area
Equus-Walnut Regional Planning Area
Great Bend Prairie Regional Planning Area
Kansas Regional Planning Area
Marais des Cygnes Regional Planning Area
Missouri Regional Planning Area
Neosho Regional Planning Area
Red Hills Regional Planning Area
Smoky-Hill Saline Regional Planning Area
Solomon-Republican Regional Planning Area
Upper Arkansas Regional Planning Area
Upper Republican Regional Planning Area
Upper Smoky Hill Regional Planning Area
Verdigris Regional Planning Area

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