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In October 2013, Governor Brownback issued a call to action to his Administration to develop a 50-Year Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas stating, “Water and the Kansas economy are directly linked. Water is a finite resource and without further planning and action we will no longer be able to meet our state’s current needs, let alone growth". Incorporating the Vision Action Items into the Kansas Water Plan will formalize the statutory process recognized in state law.

Mission Statement: 

Provide Kansans with the framework, policy and tools, developed in concert with stakeholders, to manage, secure and protect a reliable, long term statewide water supply while balancing conservation with economic growth.

Vision Document

Vision Education and Public Outreach Working Group

As the Vision Team held public meetings across Kansas, one message heard over and over was more education and outreach was needed regarding water issues. While there are many existing water-related education programs available for both youth and adults, the central message and coordinated educational resource was lacking that connects Kansans to their water source. Many of the Action Items in the Long-Term Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas, as well as some goals developed by Regional Goal Leadership Teams, highlighted the need for additional development of a state-wide water message and “one-stop-shop” for information and learning resources. To meet this goal an inter-agency and inter-organizational coordinating team was formed in 2015. Throughout 2016 the coordinating team hosted a series of outreach meetings to solicit input into the development of statewide education and public outreach materials, and to develop tangible action plans aimed at strengthening Kansans’ knowledge and awareness of water and water-related issues. From these meetings a Vision Education Public Outreach Supplement Section to the Vision was created.

50 Year Water Vision Video

In 2013, Governor Sam Brownback issued a call to action to develop a 50 year water vision for the state of Kansas.

In the video to the left, the year is now November 2063. A newscast chronicles what was accomplished a half-century earlier by Kansans in 2016 to make the 50 year vision a reality. 

This video highlights multiple state agencies and partners that have contributed to the implementation of the Vision. Key components of the Vision include the Blue Ribbon Task Force, the Kansas Water Authority, and the Regional Advisory Committees and their Regional Goal Action Plans. 

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