Weber Farm

The Weber Water Technology Farm is owned and operated by Eddie Weber. The farm is located 3 miles east of Burrton, Kansas in Harvey County. The Weber farm focuses on both water conservation and water quality.  The objectives of the farm include applying less water during growing season and decreasing the application of saline-rich water to help improve crop yields to identify a balance when tackling both issues.




One goal of the farm is to mitigate water quality issues. For the 2020 growing season, Mr. Weber will plant soybean, as part of a corn-soybean rotation, on the field to help accomplish this. Applying less water will also help reduce the amount of bad components associated with the poor quality of water. Utilizing more efficient sprinkler nozzles such as LDN’s, Rotators, Dribblers, and I-Wobs can help minimize water usage along with a pivot controller to adjust the rate of application, soil moisture probes, and plant based moisture sensing technology will help reduce water use on the field. Each of these technologies will aid Weber in making better management decisions each season. Also, by regularly taking soil and water quality tests, he hopes to determine if less water application reduces the rate of deterioration of the soil.

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