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Photo of Limited Crop Insurance Drop NozzlePurpose

Provide a crop insurance program for producers who want to conserve water by reducing their irrigation water usage while maintaining historical insurance production data and risk protection.


Historically there were only two alternatives, non-irrigated or irrigated crop insurance coverage.  Those under an irrigated crop insurance policy needed to maintain the water use their APH was historically built on to satisfy requirements. With the creation of Local Enhanced Management Areas and Water Conservation Areas, an additional crop insurance option was needed to allow those undertaking conservation measures to have a policy option.

Prior to 2017, Limited Irrigation crop insurance was only available within the boundaries of the Sheridan 6 Local Enhanced Management Area. For 2017 the United States Department of Agriculture-Risk Management Agency (USDA-RMA) has expanded coverage to 28 counties for soybeans and 47 counties for corn, most of which are in areas overlying the declining High Plains Aquifer.


  • Spring 2016: Meetings with USDA-RMA regional office to determine areas to expand coverage
  • September 2016: KWO awarded USDA-RMA Education Partnerships Program grant to build a Limited Irrigation crop insurance calculator and hold educational events
  • December 2016: Beta version of Limited Irrigation Crop Insurance calculator was completed
  • January/February 2017: Six water conservation and Limited Irrigation educational events were held. Each event was in a different region of the state where Limited Irrigation crop insurance would be available
    • Over 400 people attended these events and received information on Limited Irrigation crop insurance and how it will be available to support water conservation initiatives

Current Updates

Sign-ups for Limited Irrigation coverage in the newly eligible counties were open for the first time in 2017, with landowners in more counties beginning to sign up and receive information about the new crop insurance option. Momentum is picking up and the Risk Management Agency believes they will see more interest next year. A Limited Irrigation calculator and website have been developed. The Kansas Geological Survey has a report and instructions for its use available.

The Limited Irrigation calculator is available and can be used to see the projected impact a grower could see on their coverable yield by implementing water conservation measures. The Limited Irrigation calculator takes the water right’s past water use and yield numbers, allows the user to input proposed water use scenarios, and outputs what yield for the input number of acres the United States Dept. of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency would cover with an Limited Irrigation policy.


In 2016 the KWO received a Risk Management Education Partnerships Program grant from the USDA-RMA to conduct educational events and develop a crop insurance calculation tool. Currently there have been six educational events held in the High Plains Aquifer area with more than 450 participants who received information on Limited Irrigation crop insurance.

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