Recently Planted Riparian BufferPurpose

To protect future water supply capacity in Tuttle Creek Lake by reducing sediment and associated pollutant loadings to the Big Blue and Little Blue Rivers upstream of Tuttle Creek Lake by implementing streambank stabilization projects upstream of the reservoir.


The loss of storage in Tuttle Creek Lake has long been a concern. Streambank stabilization and riparian restoration projects are the most cost effective method of reducing sediment delivery to the reservoir. The Tuttle Creek Lake Watershed Streambank Erosion Assessment (updated in 2017) identified specific areas of streambank erosion, or “hotspots.” This information is used to target streambank stabilization and riparian restoration efforts toward high priority stream reaches within the watershed above the reservoir.


The inter-agency team continues to assess, prioritize, and implement high priority streambank stabilization projects above Tuttle Creek Lake.

During ConstructionCurrent Updates

More than 270 streambank erosion sites, or "hotspots", were identified above Tuttle Creek Lake. Nearly 35% of those sites have been completed.

Projects are ongoing within this watershed.  


Funding was allocated by the 2016 legislature for State FY 2016 and State FY 2017 for $800,000 in design and construction of streambank protection projects above Tuttle Creek Lake. In 2017, the Kansas Water Office entered into an agreement for a low-interest loan in the amount of $1,200,000 from the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan Fund (KWPCRF) as administered by KDHE. The loan funds are planned to be utilized for the construction of multiple high priority streambank stabilization sites along the Little Blue and Big Blue Rivers above Tuttle Creek Lake.

A portion of the "pooled" agency funding is also dedicated to streambank stabilization projects in the watershed above Tuttle Creek Lake.

Project Manager

Gary Koons


Tuttle Creek Watershed Streambank Erosion Comparison Map

Click on image below to view an interactive comparison map:

Streambank Erosion Map

This interactive map features streambank erosion hotspots and comparatively shows 2003 aerial photography to 2015 aerial photography. 

KWO has identified areas of erosion concern and have designated them within this map. The assessment process helps guide prioritization of streambank stabilization sites by identifying streams where erosion is most severe. 

Piled Rock on Streambank

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