McCarty Dairy

The McCarty Dairy Technology Farm is owned by McCarty Family Farms, LLC. The main dairy land is located near Rexford, Kansas. The farm is implementing new water technologies within dairy operations which also encompasses irrigation technologies for crops grown to feed the cattle. The McCarty family desires to conserve and extend the valuable resource needed to continue and sustain operations for their farms for generations to come. 



For the 2020 growing season, plans are to incorporate soil moisture probes on the irrigated fields to be more efficient and help reduce water use. They plan to install a chlorination plant at the dairy to make better use of stockwatering needs for the cattle; along with Ice Sweeper technology to help prevent any ice buildup on water storage equipment. 

Water Conservation Areas

Along with the technology, this farm had been enrolled in a Water Conservation Area (WCA) with the Kansas Department of Agriculture-Division of Water Resources. More information about WCAs can be found here (

To further ensure conservation, the McCarty Farm irrigation fields fall under the GMD4 LEMA, where action was taken by the local groundwater board members to reduce water use across their district. More information on the GMD4 LEMA can be obtained here .


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