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The Long Water Technology Farm is owned and operated by Matt Long with Red Barn Enterprises, Inc. The farm is located 6 miles north of Marienthal, Kansas in Wichita County. Many farmers in Wichita County wanted to find ways to reduce their water use and they came together and worked with KDA-DWR to establish a voluntary county wide conservation plan.


Not only did Matt enroll his land in this Water Conservation Area (WCA) plan, but went a step further by becoming a tech farm to demonstrate to other locals modern irrigation technology and practices can be implemented slowly over time to help save water for future generations. 


The Long Technology Farm has utilized map_WTF_Long_Farmvarious more-efficient technologies, such as, irrigation nozzles on the pivot spans, soil moisture probes, mobile drip irrigation, a weather station and irrigation management. This year the farm will also begin to make use of EC Mapping services and try other soil moisture probes for comparison. K-State Research and Extension will be working with Matt to study the crop development compared between the different span nozzles as well. 


Water Conservation Areas

The Long Water Technology Farm is one of 24 consent agreements that make up the Wichita County Water Conservation Area (WCWCA). Matt Long was one of the 10 original members that came together in 2016 to form the WCWCA, with the purpose of sustaining their community by conserving their groundwater resources. The goal of the group is to achieve a 50% reduction in water use by 2038 in four steps of 7-year terms. The Technology Farm is still in the initial 7-year period which includes a 29% reduction in water use.

The WCWCA was designated and established in Wichita County on March 7, 2017. More information about the WCA's and the Long Farm WCA plan can be found here.

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