Loess Hills Farm

The Loess Hills Farm is owned and operated by Thad Geiger, a local farmer in Doniphan County. Following discussions with the Doniphan County Conservation District, Geiger had a desire to see how new farming technology can be implemented on dryland farm ground to help monitor water quality and soil moisture. The goal of the farm is to adapt certain irrigation technologies and research to a dryland operation to help make better management decisions throughout the season and for future crops. Geiger is also working to get assistance from many other local businesses to help demonstrate the utilizing the technologies increases efficiencies on the farm. 

Loess Hills Stop Looks at Water Quality Changes


For 2019, the farm will implement: no-till, crop rotation, cover crops, cattle grazing, and precision agriculture machinery. He will also work with the Doniphan County Conservation District, Highland Community College, and other agencies with the goal being to implement resources available locally to demonstrate technologies for dryland farming. The farm will implement practices such as soil mapping, seed spitter machinery that will analyze the soil before planting, regular water sampling, and use technology that measures the nutrient runoff leaving the field. The primary crops planned for this farm will be corn, wheat, beans and cereal rye. 

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