Homeland Farms

Homeland Water Technology Farm is owned by the Smith family and operated by Flying V Grain. The farm is located in Greeley County, approximately 15 miles north of Tribune and is split into two locations. The Smith family has strived to conserve water in recent years. They already have enrolled much of their farm ground into the Water

Conservation Area (WCA) program with KDA-DWR. They want to take the next step in conservation by implementing new, more efficient water irrigation technology on their farm. They hope to save even more water and demonstrate that farming can still be profitable with less water in today's economy. More information on their WCA enrollment can be found here


For 2019, the Homeland Technology Farm map_Homeland_Farmswill be utilizing technology on four irrigation pivots. The farm will incorporate various technologies, more efficient sprinkler nozzles, multiple soil moisture probe products, variable rate pivot irrigation systems, cover crops, aerial mapping and imagery, an on-site weather station and will be monitoring their irrigation wells. The 2019 growing season will include corn and wheat with plans to rotate other crops in the future.

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