Harshberger Farm

The Harshberger Water Technology Farm is owned and operated by Gary Harshberger. It is located approximately 3 miles south of Dodge City, Kansas in Ford County. Harshberger's goal with this tech farm is to push the limits of producing the highest crop yield while also making a conscious decision to reduce water use. He hopes to take step by step decisions given the available technology to find the right median between technology and safely grown crops. 

"The whole idea here is to show we can do more with less and I think we demonstrated it. Technology is technology, there are going pains. We'll learn more. We'll get this figured out for sure", said Harshberger at his 2018 Water Technology Farm Field Day.



The Harshberger Technology Farm has  map_WTF_Harshberger_Farmutilized the mobile drip irrigation (MDI), as well as other water efficient sprinkler nozzles such as low drop nozzles (LDN's). This farm is also monitored throughout the season with soil moisture probes and satellite imagery. This year he chose to expand his tech farm from one irrigation pivot to two pivots. His plans are to grow corn and soybeans side by side and rotate them yearly for comparison to his nearby pivots. 


Article from High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal-Using Every Drop

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