2021 Student Poster Submissions

Thank you to each of our student poster submitters. This year included lots of great posters!
Thank you to the student poster judges for providing your time and attention.

Undergraduate Student Poster Submissions

Winner: Hannah Nuest, Fungi and Bacteria on the Edges of Kansas Rivers, Poster

Runner up: Rebecca Kessler, Optimal Drinking Water Depths

Additional Submissions:

Anubhav Manandhar, Fungal Parasites can Feed on Algal Blooms in Kansas lakesPoster

Graduate Student Poster Submissions

Winner: Amirreza Zarnaghsh, High-Frequency Sensing of Specific Conductance to Understand Solute Transport Mechanisms During Storm Events in Johnson County, KS, Poster

Runner up: Alex Martin, Internal phosphorus loading in Marion Reservoir, Kansas: a sediment core incubation study, Poster

Additional Submissions:

Yeqi Zhao: Knowledge and current practices related to agriculture water microbial quality among Kansas and Missouri produce growers, Poster

Lawryn Edmonds: Coordinated Operation of Water and Electricity Distribution Networks with Variable Renewable Energy and Distribution Locational Marginal Pricing, Poster

Zane Rider: Investigating the Drivers of Cyanotoxins and Taste-and-Odor Compounds in Streambed Algal Mats, Poster

Wambura Chacha: Extracting Active Enzymes from soils as a Measure of Bioremediation Potential, Poster

Isaac McVey: Modeling Streamflow in Rural and Urban Basins: Application to Johnson County, KS, Poster

Komlan Koudahe: Effect of Irrigation Technologies and Plant Densities on Soil Water Dynamics and Cotton Growth Parameters, Poster

Cheyenne Hillman: Identification of Satellite Indicators for Prediction of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms in Kansas, Poster

Anthony Pham: Investigation of Brine Exchange between Kansas Oil Reservoirs as an Alternative Means of Produced Water Management, Poster

Breanna Rivera Waterman: Investigating how aquatic plant types act and interact in nutrient removal under dynamic flow conditions in KS wetland, Poster

Christopher Wheeler: Stream Network Spatiotemporal Connectivity at Konza Prairie, KS, Poster

Olivia Haley: Comparative assessment of the microbial quality of agricultural water on Kansas and Missouri fresh produce farms, Poster

Brooklyn Armijo: Quality of Groundwater from Domestic Wells in the High Plains Aquifer, South-Central Kansas, USA Poster

Sudipta Sarker: Water Quality Implications of Land Conversion to Corn-Soy Cultivation in Northeast Kansas, Poster

Karah Kniola: Deep-water cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms in Cross Reservoir, Kansas Poster

Kaela Nerhus: Analyzing Land Use Effects on Recharge through Playas to the High Plains Aquifer, Poster

Zhengxi Li: Microplastics Losses in Runoff Following Biosolids Application Poster

Marc Almloff: Unraveling the mechanisms of microbial reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethenes under saline conditions, Poster

Logan French: Groundwater-Lake Water Flow Characterization Using Seepage Velocity Point Measurements in Unnamed Lake, MN, Poster

Travis Wiederstein: Evaluating Spatial and Temporal Variations in Sub-field Crop Water Demands, Poster

Rintu Sen: Impact of Spatial Soil Variability on Maize yield in Eastern Kansas River Basin, Poster

Amresh Selukka Nagarajan: Electrocoagulation & Boron Removal as a means of produced water treatment, Poster

Catherine Obiribea Ofori-Bah: Directing the Wind: Techno-Economic Feasibility of Green Ammonia for Farmers and Community Economic Viability, Poster

Seongmin Yang: The role of microbial diversity in controlling greenhouse gas emissions from conserved forage, Poster

Late Poster Submissions

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