2022 Student Poster Submissions

Thank you to each of our student poster submitters. This year included lots of great posters!
Thank you to the student poster judges for providing your time and attention.

Student Poster Award Winner Announcement - Susan Metzger, Associate Director, Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Undergraduate Student Poster Submissions

Graduate Student Poster Submissions

Winner: Olivia Haley - There’s a Photon in my Water! The Application of Ultraviolet Light Technology to Enhance the Safety of Agricultural Water on Kansas Fresh Produce Farms  Poster

Runner up: Logan French  - Using Seepage Velocity Point Measurements to Characterize Groundwater-Lake Water Interaction at an oil Spill Site;   Poster

Additional Submissions:

Aayush Pandit - Forecasting the Tipping Points of Hypereutrophic Lake Conditions Under Changing Climate and Land Use Scenarios;   Poster

Abigail Kortokrax - Development and Evaluation of a Component Phosphorus Index for the State of Kansas;   Poster

Alexandra Finley - Cybersecurity Threats to Kansas Water Systems;   Poster

Alexis Correira - Effects of Cover Crops on Soil Moisture Retention and Yield in Four On-Farm Sites in Kansas;   Poster

Amirreza Zarnaghsh - Quantifying Runoff and Baseflow Controls on Stream Turbidity;   Poster

Amresh Selukka Nararajan - Electrocoagulation & Boron Removal as a Means of Produced Water Treatment;   Poster

Catherine Obiribea Ofori-Bah - Directing the Wind Toward Sustainable Agricultural Communities: Techno-Economic Feasibility of Green Ammonia for Farmers and Community Economic Viability;   Poster

Christopher Wheeler - STICr: AN Open-Source Package and Workflow for Processing and Analyzing Stream Intermittency Data;   Poster

Colton Chapman - Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Water Allocations in Kansas;   Poster

Connor Brown - Characterizing Metabolism Dynamics in U.S. Intermittent Streams;   Poster

Fangtian Li - Evaluation of the Wastewater Evaporation Using Fuzzy Logic Models;   Poster

Hannah Szydlowski - Use of Bioremediation for in situ Denitrification of Nitrate in Groundwater;   Poster

Heather White - Modeling the Influence of Subsurface Drainage Systems on Downstream Flooding in the Midwest;   Poster

Ikenna Onyekwelu - Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) using Satellite-based Data: Application to CROPGRO Model;   Poster

Isaac McVey - Land Use Impacts on Dynamic Sediment Connectivity Across an Urbanizing Region;   Poster

Janaye Figge - Eutrophic and Mesotrophic Lake Water Microbiota Respond Differently to Bloom-Stimulating Levels of Supplemental Ammonium and Nitrate;   Poster

Kavya Kompella - Predictive Analytics and Data Driven Approach to Algae Bloom Prediction;   Poster

Kelechi Igwe - Modeling the Impacts of Climate Extremes on Crop Evapotranspiration;   Poster

Kendra Stahl - Evaluating Differences in Soil Properties and Management on a long-term Watershed Study in Kansas;   Poster

Komlan Koudahe - Assessing Cotton Water Requirement Using OpenET and Water Balance Models in Western Kansas;   Poster

Laura Krueger - Investigation Marion Reservoir Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) through Integrated Modeling and Data Science Approaches;   Poster

Logan Swenson - Changes in Baseflow Sources During the Dry-down of an Non-perennial Headwater Stream;   Poster

Maziyar Vaez Roudbari - Sediment Fingerprinting as a Tool for Identifying Sources of Erosion in Johnson County, Kansas;   Poster

Meenakshi Rawat - Rainfed Corn Yield Prediction in Kansas: A comparison of Regression and Process-based Crop Models;   Poster

Quan Wei - Simulating the Effects of Reservoir management on Strategies on In-stream Sediment Load, Streambank Stability, and Water Quality;   Poster

Rintu Sen - Impact of Climate Change on Suitability of Major Crops in Eastern Kansas River Basin;   Poster

Tamjid Us Sakib - Runoff Water Quality as Influenced by Cover Crop Use and Sufficiency Phosphorus Fertilization Strategy in a No-Tilled Cor-Soybean Rotation;   Poster

Victoria Reed - Chemical, Biological and Physical Drivers of Harmful Blue-Green Algae Blooms in Kansas Reservoirs;   Poster

Wayne Ndlovu - Assessment of the AquaCrop-OSPy Model in Simulating Crop-water Productivity in a Corn Field (Sheridan-6 LEMA, Kansas);   Poster

Zach DeBord - Effects of Limit Feeding and Shade on Growing Calf Performance, Water Usage, and Animal Comfort;   Poster

Zane Rider - Widespread Presence of Cyanotoxins and Taste-and-Odor Compounds within Benthic Algae of Human-disturbed Rivers;   Poster

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