2022 Governor's Water Conference Presentations

Day One

Roger Pulwarty, Senior Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), PDF Presentation

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Current Events: Drought
Moderator: Doug Kluck, NOAA

  • Michael Sheer, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Ryan Larsen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Northwestern Division
  • Jim Butler, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
  • Kevin Low, National Weather Service

Regenerative Agriculture to Restore Kansas Resources
Moderator: Angela Anderson, Kansas Water Office

  • Andy Lyon, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Conservation
  • Eric Fuchs, Understanding Ag
  • Michael Thompson, Soil Health Alliance

Kansas Water Challenges from a Utility Perspective
Moderator: Tracy Streeter, Burns & McDonnell

  • Toby Dougherty, City Manager, City of Hays
  • Matt Allen, City Manager, Garden City
  • Steve Shute, Vice-Mayor, City of Gardner

Groundwater Issues: Nitrate and Water Quality
Moderator: Tom Stiles, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment

  • Fred Jones, City of Garden City
  • Mike Schultz, Upper Republican RAC
  • Rob Gavin, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment

Day Two

Concurrent Session I

Surface Water Issues

Moderator: Elizabeth Smith, Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment

Education and Outreach

Moderator: Laura Downey, Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

Water and Human Health

Moderator: Tatiana Lin, Kansas Health Institute

Groundwater Conservation Measures

Moderator: Lane Letourneau, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources

Sedimentation in Reservoirs

Moderator: Laura Totten, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Concurrent Session II

Arkansas River Basin Water Quality Issues Panel

Moderator: Susan Metzger, Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment and the Kansas Water Resources Institute

  • Derek White, Colorado farmer
  • Jonathan Aguliar, Kansas State University
  • Tom Stiles, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment
  • Nicole Rowan, Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment
  • Steve Frost, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture
  • Cindy Lair, Colorado Dept. of Agriculture
  • Frank Mercurio, Syracuse Dairy
  • Fred Jones, City of Garden City
  • Donald O. Whittemore, Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
Groundwater Modeling

Moderator: Richard Rockel, Kansas Water Office

Flood Data and Mapping Tools

Moderator: Joanna Rohlf, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture

Emerging Issues

Moderator: Carrie Ridley, Kansas Geological Survey

Stream Erosion and it's Impacts

Moderator: Andy Klein, Kansas Forest Service

Mini-Concurrent Session III

Playa Lakes in Kansas

Moderator: Mike Carter, Playa Lakes Joint Venture

Crops in a Changing Climate

Moderator: Sarah Sexton-Bowser, Kansas State University

Municipal Water Supply

Moderator: Brad Mears, Kansas Municipal Utilities

Hydrologic Trends in Kansas

Moderator: Sam Zipper, Kansas Geological Survey

Management Techniques for Groundwater

Moderator: Tim Boese, Groundwater Management District 2

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