Welcome to the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts 76th Annual Convention!  While this year's convention takes on a much different feel than in years past, the Kansas Water Office is appreciative of the opportunity to engage with our many partners in conservation virtually this year.  This year's theme of Sustainability for the Future with Innovative Conservation very much applies to the water resources of Kansas. The Kansas Water Office looks forward to continued and increased collaboration with Conservation Districts across Kansas to conserve and extend the High Plains Aquifer; secure, protect, and restore our Kansas reservoirs; improve our state's water quality; reduce our vulnerability to extreme events; and increase awareness of Kansas water resources.
Please feel free to browse the information below as your schedule allows on topics of potential interest to Conservation Districts across Kansas.  Contact information is provided at the bottom of the page should you have any questions or comments to share.  Thank you for your time and enjoy this year's convention!


Kansas Water Authority

The Kansas Water Authority (KWA) was established in 1981 within and as part of the Kansas Water Office (KWO). The KWA provides the leadership to ensure that water policies and programs address the needs of all Kansans. 

The KWA consists of 13 voting members who are appointed by the Governor or Legislative leadership. The remaining serve as ex-officio members. KWA is statutorily within and a part of the KWO. The KWA is responsible for advising the Governor, Legislature and Director of the Kansas Water Office on water policy issues and for approving the Kansas Water Plan, federal contracts, administration regulations and legislation proposed by the KWO. The KWA provides the leadership to ensure that water policies and programs address the needs of all Kansans.

Kansas Water Authority Membership

Kansas Water Authority SFY 2022 Budget Recommendations

Kansas Water Authority Previous Year Annual Report 

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For more information please visit the KWA page on the KWO website at https://kwo.ks.gov/about-the-kwo/kansas-water-authority.

Regional Advisory Committees

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Fourteen regional planning areas were established in December 2014 by the Kansas Water Authority in conjunction with the Long-Term Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas.  In August of 2015, Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) members were approved for each of these 14 planning areas and began to establish priority goals for their region. These committees established their priority regional goals and began development of Regional Goal Action Plans.  In September - October 2016, all regional goal action plans were presented to the Kansas Water Authority and approved.  These Regional Goal Action Plans can be found on the Water Vision web page. 

The Kansas Water Office formulates a comprehensive state water plan for the management, conservation and development of the water resources of the state.  The Kansas Water Plan includes sections corresponding with water planning areas which are determined by the Kansas Water Office (K.S.A. 82a-903).  Water planning is achieved by addressing issues in each regional planning area of the state noted below.

 Cimarron Equus-Walnut Great Bend Prairie Kansas Marais des Cygnes Missouri Neosho
 Red Hills Smoky Hill-Saline Solomon-Republican Upper Arkansas Upper Republican Upper Smoky Hill Verdigris


For more information please visit the RAC page on the KWO website at https://kwo.ks.gov/about-the-kwo/regional-advisory-committees.

Kansas Water Plan Update

The Kansas Water Office, in coordination with local, state, federal and interstate partners, is developing the 5-year update of the Kansas Water Plan. The Kansas Water Plan is one of the primary tools used by the State of Kansas to address current water resources issues and to plan for future needs. Statutory authority and basic guidance for formulating the Kansas Water Plan is contained in the State Water Resources Planning Act. 

The 2020 Update of the Kansas Water Plan will incorporate the Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas (Vision). The hard work put into the Vision and the goals created through the Vision process will not be forgotten. The Kansas Water Plan will now serve as the implementation plan for the Vision, providing measurements of success towards achieving the goals addressed in Vision, as well as the other water related issues facing Kansans.


To submit comments for consideration during the 2020 Kansas Water Plan update please email KWO-Info@kwo.ks.gov

For more information please visit the Kansas Water Plan page on the KWO website at https://kwo.ks.gov/water-vision-water-plan/water-plan.

Collaborative Projects/Initiatives

The Kansas Water Office along with a number of agencies/organizations collaborate with Conservation Districts across the state to advance innovative conservation to the benefit of Kansas surface and groundwater resources.  Please click on the links below to learn more about a few of these projects/initiatives.

Kansas Reservoir Protection Initiative

Milford Regional Conservation Partnership Program

Water Technology Farms

Kansas Watershed PACE Farms

South Fork Republican River Basin Projects 


Contact Information

If you have questions please contact Matt Unruh by email at matt.unruh@kwo.ks.gov or by phone at 785-296-3185.


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