Water Technology Farms Report Now Available

Sep 2, 2020, 10:54 AM by Katie Ingels
The 2019 Data Technology Water Report is available and shares information about each of the KWO Tech Farms including crops, technology utilized to manage water application, as well as harvest data and sponsors of each location.

September 1, 2020

Data from the 2019 growing season on the KWO website

Technology and management tools keep evolving to help crop producers make every drop of water count on their fields. Water Technology Farms were developed five years ago as part of the Long-Term Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas. They began as three-year pilot public-private partnerships to demonstrate the latest in crop irrigation technology and water conservation research on the field scale.

“I’m pleased to see the continued interest in Water Technology Farms across the state,” said Kansas Water Office Director Earl Lewis. “It is promising to see outcomes from these farms show that water use reductions, coupled with irrigation technology adoption and water management improvements are leading to positive effects on the aquifer as well as the producer’s bottom line.”

Water Technology Farms have proven valuable in helping to expand the conversation and education of producers as well as decision makers on equipment and technology utilized in agricultural water conservation efforts. 

“Our vision with our farm is to help other farmers see what tools are best to adopt in this area as well as which could be applied to most all of their existing equipment. Technology is good but my best advice is to use the expertise that comes with the tools as they know their products and what they are capable of,” said Pat Janssen, WATERPACK/ILS Water Technology Farm producer in Stafford County. “We have found since implementing these tools it’s not only decreased water use while maintaining the same yields but also decreasing overall input costs. The truth is the overall mindset has to change – we need to work to farm for the economic yield, not production yield.”

The 2019 Growing Season Report shares information about each of the Kansas Water Office Water Technology Farms operational in 2019 including the crop or crops grown, technology utilized to manage water application, as well as harvest data and sponsors of each location. To hear from more producers and to see the complete 2019 Growing Season Report, visit www.kwo.ks.gov

Water Technology Farms would not be possible without the support of key public-private partnerships. More than 100 companies and organizations support this effort and sponsors for each farm are on the Water Technology Farm pages on the KWO website. There is a total of 17 participating Water Technology Farms for the 2020 growing season.

For more information visit: www.kwo.ks.gov or contact the Kansas Water Office at (785) 296-3185.




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