Upper Republican Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Upper Republican RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

Support the implementation of the Groundwater Management District No.4's Local Enhanced Management Area Plan through increased education of all water users as well as increase the utilization of water conservation technology practices.

About the RAC

RAC PLANNER- Keadron Pearson: Keadron.Pearson@KWO.KS.GOV

The Upper Republican RAC has members representing a wide variety of water users, including industry and commerce, groundwater management, local government, conservation and environment, agriculture, public water supply, and the general public. Click here to review the full list of Upper Republican Regional Advisory Committee Membership

The Upper Republican RAC has five previously developed goals and action plans to address water supply issues in the region. Click here to read the full Upper Republican Action Plan. For recently approved goals and action plans by the Kansas Water Authority for inclusion within the draft State Water Plan for the Upper Republican and other regional planning areas please select here



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State of the Resource

The focus for the Upper Republican Regional Planning Area has been the approval of two Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMAs) in the state.  The Sheridan 6 LEMA was the first approved, and has shown that reductions can have a positive impact on the aquifer and on agricultural economics.  The region also has three Water Conservation Areas (WCAs), and one Water Technology Farm partnered through the Precision Agriculture Program at Northwest Kansas Technical College. Though conditions have improved, the area continues to experience slight aquifer declines. 

To learn more about the resources and conservation efforts, visit the State of the Resource page and view the report. 

Regional Activities

The Upper Republican RAC has been putting a large amount of emphasis on education and outreach efforts.  There are two Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMAs) in the region, the second of which is subject to pending litigation.  The committee believes the best way to support these LEMAs and other conservation efforts taking place is through increased education and awareness.  Several presentations are being developed as tools for committee members to use for outreach. 

While water quantity is the main focus water quality has also been a major concern of the RAC, specifically the concentrations of nitrate found in public water supply wells throughout the region.  The committee is looking at developing a water quality goal to address water quality and contamination issues. 

The RAC stays up to date on the Republican River Compact between Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska; and in August of 2018 Kansas a settlement was reached between Colorado and Kansas.  The settlement sets aside $4 million to be split between the two states and spent for the benefit of the South Fork of the Republican River Basin within each state.  The committee will stay involved as potential projects are developed for consideration. 

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