Solomon-Republican Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Solomon-Republican RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

Surface water issues such as nutrient and sediment loading into reservoirs are a primary concern and the RAC is involved in the Milford Lake Watershed RCPP. They also want to have a current bathymetric survey completed on Waconda Lake. The RAC is also in collaboration with the Kansas Bostwick Irrigation District to help junior water right holders along the Republican River when Minimum Desirable Streamflow is enacted. 

Guiding Principle

Education of current and future water users were a very high priority to the Solomon-Republican Goals Team. Team discussion identified that the Kansas Water Appropriation Act has use versus recharge in balance with some of their areas having increased in saturated thickness levels of the portions of the Ogallala within their regions. Reliable supply remains an issue for surface water users.

About the RAC

RAC Planner: Kirk Tjelmeland -

The Solomon-Republican RAC consists of members representing all water users, including public water supply, municipal, agricultural, industrial, and the public at large. Click here for a full list of the Solomon-Republican Regional Advisory Committee Membership

The Solomon-Republican RAC has four goals covering important issues. Click here to view the Solomon-Republican Action Plan

Pelicans at Jamestown Wildlife Area

There are five federal reservoirs in the Solomon-Republican region; Keith Sebelius Lake (Norton), Kirwin Reservoir, Lovewell Reservoir, Waconda Lake (Glen Elder), and Webster Reservoir. The Republican River joins the Smoky Hill River at Junction City, Kansas to form the Kansas River. On July 9, 1902, the river flooded near Concordia, Kansas, breaking a dam and re-routing the river by a quarter-mile (about half a kilometer).

Quick Facts

Regional Planning Area located in North Central Kansas

  • Size: 7,298 sq miles
  • Precipitation: 18-28 inches yearly, W-E
  • Water Supply & Usage: Highest water use - Irrigation 94%

Meeting Notes & Presentations

Solomon-Republican Presentations & Handouts

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