Smoky Hill-Saline Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Smoky Hill-Saline RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

Increase available water supply, water supply storage, and inter-connectivity among public water supplies within the Smoky Hill –Saline Planning Region. Reduce Sediment and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations within the lakes and streams, and increase public water supply water use efficiency for suppliers within the region

About the RAC

RAC Planner: Amelia Nill-

The Smoky Hill-Saline RAC has members representing all water users in the region, including public water suppliers, agriculture, industry and commerce, conservation and environment, and irrigation. Click here to review a full list of Smoky Hill-Saline Regional Advisory Committee Membership.

The Smoky Hill-Saline RAC has four previously developed goals and action plans to address water supply issues throughout the region. Click here to read the full Smoky Hill-Saline Action Plan. For recently approved goals and action plans by the Kansas Water Authority for inclusion within the draft State Water Plan for the Smoky Hill-Saline and other regional planning areas please select here.  

Smoky-Hill Original


Kanopolis Reservoir first filled in July 1948 and serves as flood control, water supply, irrigation and recreation for the region. The Lower Smoky Access District was formally incorporated in 2016. This allowed for the purchase of storage space in Kanopolis for use by the city of Salina and the Lower Smoky Hill River Irrigation District.

State of the Resource

This document is a tool to show record of activities and progress towards regional goals and The Vision. The primary concern is for future water quality and supply to meet future needs fully.  Future needs include growth and economic development in the region, as well and adequate supply in times of drought.   The Smoky Hill-Saline Regional Planning Area uses both surface and groundwater to meet current needs. The majority of water used is from groundwater sources although surface water is an important part of the water supply.

To learn more about the efforts of ensuring water supply into the future, please visit the State of the Resource page and view the report.

Regional Activities

In order to meet future water needs of the Smoky Hill-Saline region the RAC supports additional water supply development, preservation of existing storage, additional storage and improved management of the local hydrologic systems. Cooperation for the operation of Kanopolis Lake releases focuses on maintaining more water in the lake for times of need. To address the decline in storage in water supply lakes, the RAC supports efforts to reduce sedimentation in the streams of the region including those that carry sediment into Kanopolis Lake. 

Ensuring that water management tools and programs are available and being used is a priority.  The largest water uses in the region, agriculture and public water supply, have programs and assistance available to use water efficiently and possibly reduce overall usage. The RAC supports the continuation of these programs and the encouragement and education of water users to take advantage of opportunities to save water.

The RAC hosts an annual conservation program in an effort to educate water users and water suppliers in the region on resource conditions and conservation tools and programs. Events were held in 2017 and 2018 in different parts of the region highlighting existing efforts by water suppliers and discussing programs and assistance used to reduce water use for numerous types of water use.

In addition, education to water users of all types and decision makers is strongly supported by the Smoky Hill-Saline RAC as part of the Water Vision.

Meeting Notes & Presentations

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