Red Hills Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Red Hills RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

A pilot project to treat produced water for reuse has received funding. The 60-day operation to treat water produced along with oil and gas production is a step toward reuse of produced water, reducing fresh water in the oil and gas industry, and supplementing available water supplies in the region.

Guiding Principles

After review of the existing water resources within the region, the Red Hills Goals Team prioritized conservation of existing supplies as the highest priority. During the discussion of new sources of supply, the team noted the lengthy process of planning, designing, permitting, and funding and reflected those issues through realistic time frames. A significant amount of oil production occurs in this region and the team recognized this with water conservation goals as well.

About the RAC

RAC Planner: Diane Knowles -

The Red Hills RAC has members representing agriculture, fish and wildlife, local government, industry and commerce, public water supply, conservation and environment, and the general public. Click here for a full list of Red Hills Regional Advisory Committee Membership.

The Red Hills RAC has four goals to address water issues in the region. Click here to read the full Red Hills Action Plan.

Gypsum Hills

The Red Hills, also referred to as Gypsum Hills or the "Medicine Hills" by the Plains Indians, is located mostly in Clark, Comanche, and Barber Counties in southern and central Kansas. Sinkholes are common features of the Red Hills Region, with Big Basin and Little Basin being two of the well-known sinkholes in western Clark County.

Quick Facts

Regional Planning area in south-central Kansas, overlying a small portion of the High Plains Aquifer with the main portion relying on alluvial water sources. Oil and gas development plays a large role in this region's economy.

  • Size: 5,825 sq miles
  • Precipitation: 22-35 inches yearly, W-E
  • Water Supply & Usage: Highest User - Irrigation 82%

Meeting Notes & Presentations

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