FY 2024 Regional Advisory Committee Member Input

KWA State Water Plan Fund Budget Recommendation Development



This feedback form provides Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) members the opportunity to provide feedback which will be shared with the Kansas Water Authority (KWA) Budget Committee for their consideration in finalization of a budget recommendations package.  Following submittal of your feedback, this information will be compiled and discussed with the KWA Budget Committee during their efforts to finalize a budget recommendations package for the full KWA to discuss and take action on at the August 17 KWA meeting in Manhattan.  

For RACs which will be meeting as a group during the August 8-14 RAC budget input window, please have your respective KWO Regional Planner & Outreach Coordinator submit feedback as approved by the RAC as a whole.  Individual RAC members from RACs meeting during this window are also welcome to submit individual comments for consideration.

For RACs which will not be holding meetings during the August 8-14 RAC budget input window, please know that your individual RAC member feedback will be compiled and reviewed by the KWA Budget Committee.

All RAC budget input is requested to be submitted in this form by no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, August 14.  Comments submitted after this time are not guaranteed to be included within the RAC budget input feedback package reviewed with the KWA Budget Committee.

If you have any questions regarding submittal of RAC budget input, please contact your respective KWO Regional Planner & Outreach Coordinator.

Thank you for your feedback and involvement with Regional Advisory Committees across Kansas.


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