Missouri Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Missouri RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

Accurately assess the quality and quantity of available groundwater and determine safe yields to assure future water availability. Much of the groundwater in the Missouri Region is in unconnected glacial aquifers and difficult to access for the entire region.


Guiding Principles

Over the next 50 years, there needs to be an adequate, sustainable and affordable quality water supply in the Missouri Region, while protecting Tribal water rights and sacred and cultural sites. All government agencies, local through state, shall vigorously uphold and enforce all water conservation and management rules and regulations throughout the state. Assure any future water transfers from the Missouri River be based upon the protection of the priority of water supplies in the Missouri region, protection of private property rights, protection of cultural and heritage sites and consideration of environmental impacts. Ensure any beneficiary of transferred water would have exhausted all other alternatives, including crop types, irrigation practices and all other appropriate conservation measures.

About the RAC

RAC Planner: Kirk Tjelmeland - kirk.tjelmeland@kwo.ks.gov

The Missouri RAC has members representing all water users, including public water supply, municipal, agricultural, industrial, and the public at large. Click here for a full list of the Missouri Regional Advisory Committee Membership. 

The Missouri RAC has four goals covering important issues across the region. Click here to view the Missouri Action Plan. 

Photo of Missouri River at AtchisonThe Missouri River is the longest tributary of the Mississippi River and the longest river in the United States. The Missouri River defines the state's border for 121 miles in northeast Kansas, making the Missouri RAC the only region to address issues related to the "Mighty MO." During the 20th century, the Missouri River Basin was extensively developed for irrigation and flood control. The Kansas River is one of many major tributaries of the Missouri River. 

Quick Facts

The smallest planning area in the state, located in the northeast corner of Kansas:

  • Size: 1,466 sq miles
  • Precipitation: 38 inches yearly
  • Water Supply & Usage: Highest Users - Municipal 96%

Meeting Notes & Presentations

Missouri RAC Presentations & Handouts

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