Great Bend Prairie Regional Advisory Committee

Map of Great Bend Prairie RAC Boundaries

Current Focus Area

Achieve water use sustainability by 2025; enhance poor quality water monitoring for areas with salt water disposal lines, disposal wells and areas with high salt sources to prevent freshwater contamination. Initiate research and development of feed wheat as an alternative feed source.

Guiding Principle

Ensure regulations and programs put into place are reviewed to ensure various water use groups are not adversely affected by regulations and programs intended for an individual water use group. 

About the RAC

RAC Planner: Diane Knowles -

The Great Bend Prairie RAC has members representing all water users, including agriculture, public water supply, watershed protection, industry and commerce, conservation and environment, and the general public. Click here for the full list of Great Bend Regional Advisory Committee Membership

The Great Bend Prairie RAC has five goals to address important water issues in the region. Click here to read the full Great Bend Prairie Action Plan.

Great Bend Prarie

Cheyenne Bottoms is located within the northern portion of the Great Bend Prairie region. This was designated as a Wetland of International Importance in 1988. Also located in this region is the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Both of these wetlands are located on the Central Flyway, a major bird migration route from Canada to Mexico.  

Quick Facts

Located in central Kansas, overlaying the Big Bend portion of the High Plains Aquifer

  • Size: 6,769 sq miles
  • Precipitation: 22-27 inches yearly, NW-SE
  • Water Supply & Usage: Highest user - Irrigation 95%

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